Hello, I'm Felipe, a passionate User Experience Designer and Product Manager that loves working on innovative ideas with energetic and collaborative teams.
  • I'm currently on a mission at Vensa Health creating an awesome experience for patients and practitioners while effectively increasing access to the health care system in New Zealand.
  • felipe@fdcarmo.com
  • Auckland / New Zealand
Collaboration and ideation is my strength
Amazing things happens when creativity, teamwork and collaboration are both in the right place, in the right time.
And a bit of coffee too
What I like the most of working within the software industry it's that we can always change our hats and work with something new and exciting... always!

Jack of all trades... master of some.

Designer by passion, with a background in computer science and project management, I have always been a curious kind looking for new skills to learn and put in practice within the projects I work with.

What I like the most...

is working with people, in general. I rather go around interviewing users, getting feedback, workshops, coaching... I've found that a collaborative environment is a must for a successful project.

UX Research

Great part of my job is working on this field... either on the beginning, middle, or very end of the project itself.

UX Design

From strategy, to workshops, architecture, low end and high end design... that's the part I have more fun with.

Agile product manager

An Agile Product Owner Certified, I've been managing teams across design and development through the past years.

SEO Strategy & Analytics

From coding to Google analytics, AdWords and optimization of content... I love to work integrating UX and SEO for the success of online products.

Branding and design

I love being involved on branding as it interacts powerfully within the development of the product and its design

Design Thinking coach

I've been helping a few startups to put their design process in place. It's rewarding to see how it changes it's culture.

I'd love to hear from you!
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