MYOB Job Manager

A bold cloud based job management system for accounting practices in Australia and New Zealand

Product Overview

I’ve been invited to join MYOB team to lead an extensive research work where I had the opportunity to build and influence a brand new product that would shape the accounting industry way of managing their client's tax obligation and financial workload.

Client MYOB
Industry Accounting and Finance
Role Senior Product Designer
Year 2019
My role

As the lead researcher and senior product designer, my role was to fully understand an accounting practice job lifecycle, identify all means of workload management they go through and present a solution on which feature MYOB should build to be the leader in market of cloud based job management and capacity planning.

This role had an extensive stakeholder management across all leadership board, product managers and designers where I had the opportunity to be the leader that would influence MYOB direction on what should be built to conquer and lead the market in this segment.

What did we need to know
Key research focus and knowledge gaps
Services and workflow

What are the major services provided by different types of accounting practices and its lifecycle from client engagement to submission and billing

Roles and responsibilities

Who are the people involved, their roles and responsibilities within an accounting practice when managing and preparing a job

Job management

How do they manage, prepare and execute a client's work? The pain points, challenges and opportunities for an ideal way of managing their workload and capacity plan

Planning and exectution
The design process

Planning & preparation

Schedule design phases
Align stakeholders expectations
Document impacts in the app suite
Identify competitors
Potential customers and users

Research & Synthesis

Discovery research
lead and collaborate
Study previous research database
Recruit and Interview
Concept testing
Affinity maps
User journey
CX journey

Ideation & Design

Concept design
MOYB Design system

Validation & Development

Internal architecture validation
Stakeholders buy-in
Usability tests
Development support
Iteration within development

bold research plan
Interviews, Concept tests and Workshops

We've had a fantastic journey researching this important piece of work. Our successful usability tests round and client's feedback demonstrates how important is to invest on in-depth research prior design. The efforts of the team in the initial research phase has given us strong confidence to design the right product from the start.
Below are three examples of many research artefacts and outputs worked in this project:

Discovery Interviews

Users /

Visiting clients for the first time in Australia and New Zealand to understand better their work environment and immerse myself into their work was the first step I took into this research.

A mix of physical and online interviews enabled us to explore how accounting practices work, the type of jobs they do for their clients and how they manage their workflow in their own environment.

Jobs lifecycle workshop

Users / Clients

I've conducted a workshop gathering 13 accounting practices partners/owners in a half day workshop to engage a discussion on the lifecycle of a client's job within their practice.

This workshop was a break through to clear unknown gaps we had from the interviews and get an in-depth experience on how different sizes of practices manage their jobs internally, what is common and differences between them, how they perceive today's experience and what would be the ideal work scenario.

The output of this workshop was a CX journey map of a job lifecycle from the first client contact, the process of preparing and delivering the piece of work, pain points and opportunities through the process.

Concept testing workshop

Users /

Using Airtable for a low cost prototype and concept test we've managed to get valuable insights in a short amount of time without touching any personalized design.

We've decided to use this methodology before investing on design to test the information architecture and its interactions. We've given users the power of add, remove and re-organize information in a way that would work better for them. At the same time, engaging with them a discussion on why these information were necessary and what we were getting right and wrong about the way we presented them.

This workshop was the key and final research piece prior design as it gave us the last bits on information needed and boosted our confidence on what and how to design this feature.

hands on design
Ideation, Design & Validation

After an extensive round of research to get our product right, we've started our rounds of design and usability test.

Design System

The designs had to adapt to what's available at MYOB Feelix Design System.
Using this design system enabled us to speed up our development process but also brought a few constraints in what elements could be designed.

Some of the functionalities had to be adapted to what's supported by Feelix in order to keep the consistency of the product.

Learn more about Feelix Design System

Usability Test

We've ran several usability tests in different stages for different types of users based on what their roles and goals were.

Some where job managers, others, preparers, bookkeepers, accountants, admin...

All of our users had different goals when using this features and was important that we nailed all experiences for them.

Development Support

The team of development came onboard once we started our usability tests rounds.

I am always an advocate of including developers right from the start, but for this specific project, the team were only assembled when we were already in the usability test phase

I've invited them to our sessions so they could experience users feedback and trust the work we've done so far. Involving them in this phase was extremely powerful as now they had the voice of the users instead of just listening a designer talking about them.

The best and most important part of involving the team into the UX process is to get them to be a supporter and raise their own concerns in a way I haven't thought of.

Tools & Tech stack I've used for this project
MS Teams
Thank you.