MYOB client portal

An online collaboration platform that enables accountants to share documents and take digital signature approvals from their clients wherever they are.

Product Overview

MYOB owns the biggest and most respectable accounting software in the Australasia.

Part of their powerful suite of applications is a white labeled portal where accountants can seamlesly share documents and collaborate with their clients in a platform that enables automation, security and accurancy of information.

Client MYOB
Industry Accounting and Finance
Role Senior Product Designer
Year 2019
My role

As a senior product designer, my role in the team was to oversee and take ownership of the portfolio of functionalities that enables collaboration tools within the MYOB's practice platform.

In this specific project, I've lead product experience strategy, workshops, research, concept tests, usability sessions, deliveries of design and support for the developments crew.

the challenge
Improve usability of the Client Portal creation

A large amount of feedback from clients has been previously collected through the platform and internal consultants around usability issues that users were experiencing when creating a client portal.

The background of it'scurrent experience
Before I joined and lead the project, PM, dev lead and BA had a fair assumption on what needed to be done.

Team believed that the barrier for practice creating their client portals was due to the amount of unecessary fields in the portal creation page, and by redisigning, making it more user friendly with less inputs from the user, fixing curent UI bugs and improving its information architecture, practices would have no problem on creating portal for their clients and it would increase adoption of this powerful feature.
Users had an open channel of feedback where they were contantly complaining about their frustration with their consultants or using our feedback feature in the platform.

Team has collected all feedback and made a fair assumption that the current UI wasn't pleasent and it could potentially drive away users from utilizing this tool.
The research that guided a decision for redisigning this flow was purely on feedback sent through the users and consultants.

No interview, IA evaluation and other means of research was done till the point I joined the team.
Users feedback &
data analysis

Using Dovetail, I've grouped all existing data from users feedback to find patterns of complaints, what is going well and what is not to move on to the next steps.
In order to understand how we got the portal as is, I've researched all previous data collected through the years within confluence pages to understand decisions made for designing the current product in production.


After learning through self onboarding research, I've held a few assumptions workshop with development team and consultants to understand their own view of the problem

Separating these 2 groups was necessary as they had very different view and I didn't want them to get influenced by each other when providing data.

Be a client,
get onboarded

I've asked a client manager to onboard me as a new client and explain me as a client how I use and create portals.

This was particularly important to understand the user journey and perception of the portal as well as getting straight feedback from the consultant in which parts of creating a portal users are experiencing issues.

Design experimentation before client interviews

As we had enough research data at this point and a short time to work on the issue, the strategy was to start experimenting design changes in the UI and information architecture to clear out UI bugs and adapt to our design system.

After the experimentation we would then bring the concept to clients previously exposed to the feature with a mixture of interview for qualitative research over the information architecture followed by an usability test to validade our design.

Redesign to fix UI, get consistent to the design system and validate with users.

After experimenting different UI approaches and collaborating with the team to build this new design, we've approached current users of client portal to set interviews for qualitative research and perform an usability test to validate our approach.

Tools & Tech stack I've used for this project
MS Teams
Thank you.